A lamp, a home, how to choose the living room lamps?

Lamps are not just for lighting, beautiful lamps can enhance the taste of space, and creative lamps make lighting full of style. As the largest activity area in the home, the living room is called the "business card" of the home, so how to choose the lamps in the living room?

When many people decorate the living room, they like "one main light to go around the world", but it turns out that such a lighting arrangement is outdated, and a simple main light can no longer create a comfortable living room atmosphere. Moreover, the simple main lamp also has many inconveniences. If you want to increase the light source in the later stage, the wiring project is very large, so it is necessary to do a good job in the layout and purchase of lamps from the beginning.

When choosing horizontal lamps, milky white ceiling lamps should be selected as the main lamps and installed in the center of the bedroom. Several small wall lamps can also be placed on the bedside wall as auxiliary lamps to enhance the quiet and soft atmosphere of the bedroom.

Among the various lighting fixtures, the main ones suitable for the living room are: ceiling lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, spotlights, downlights, ceiling fan lights and so on. The use of ceiling lamps is very common, the top is relatively flat, and the bottom of the entire lamp can be attached to the ceiling, which is very simple and suitable for modern, Chinese, Nordic, and Japanese styles. As the name suggests, chandeliers are lamps that are suspended and installed. They are larger than other lamps and require higher floor heights, so they are more suitable for large living rooms. Floor lamps are lamps placed on the ground. They are frequently used in the living room and are easy to move. They are generally used with sofas and coffee tables to provide local lighting and enhance the atmosphere. Spotlights are very similar to downlights, with better spotlighting effect and can be directly illuminated on household items, with a strong contrast of light and shadow. It is generally installed on the TV background wall and sofa wall to enhance the atmosphere. The spotlight effect of downlights is slightly weaker, and it is generally used with chandeliers, installed on the ceiling, and mainly for lighting. Ceiling fan lights can be said to be a big hit in recent years, which not only satisfies the function of the fan, but also plays the role of lighting. Suitable for American, Nordic, and modern styles.